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What are the uses of nonwoven fiberglass?


Nonwoven fiberglass is glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, after high polymer anti emulsion immersion coating activities. So that it has alkali resistance, flexibility and good tension, because of this, it is widely used in our life, in the building inside and outside the wall, can be heat preservation, can be waterproof.

Nonwoven fiberglass is used in the production of various electrical insulation laminates, bringing more convenience to people's life. Nonwoven fiberglass is ubiquitous in people's life and has a position that can not be ignored. It has good insulation, greatly prevent the occurrence of fire, provide convenience for people's life.

Nonwoven fiberglass

The types of glass fiber non-woven cloth are not single, the first classification standard is according to its composition, divided into alkali fiber cloth, alkali fiber cloth and high alkali fiber cloth three. Among them, alkali fiber cloth belt is mainly used in weaving glass fiber window screen, net cloth and other products, the requirements of these products are relatively low, the production of enterprises is mainly crucible method enterprises, mostly using 200 holes.

Alkali free glass fiber yarn is mainly used for weaving electronic cloth, electrical insulation cloth and fishing rod cloth. These three kinds of fabrics have relatively high requirements for fiber cloth. The fiber cloth used for weaving electronic cloth must be kept smooth and the quality must pass the standard.

Nonwoven fiberglasss have entered our field of vision early, and their use is more and more widely. They play an important role in construction and industry, and bring a lot of convenience to our life. And we know very little about nonwoven fiberglass. There are many kinds of nonwoven fiberglasss, each of which has its use.

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