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Customer's Approval for our Carbon Stripe


Good news!
Our carbon strip win a big praise from our American client-
It can be widely used in aircraft!

Product Description:
The T-1/T-2 series carbon fiber plates are pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates, designed for strengthening concrete, timber, masonry, steel andfibre reinforced polymer structures.
The T-1/T-2 series carbon fiber plates are bonded onto the structureas externally , bonded reinforcement using epoxy resin based adhesive for room temperatures curing.

Advantages and Benefits:
* Non-corroding
* Very high strength
* Excellent durability and fatigue resistance
* Unlimited lengths, no joints required
* Low system thickness, simple execution of plate intersections or crossings
* Easy transportation (rolls)
* Lightweight, very easy to install, especially overhead(without temporary support)
* Minimum preparation of plate, applicable in severallayers
* Smooth edges without exposed fibres as result of production by pultrusion

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