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Fiberglass surface tissue 50/55/60g


Fiberglass surface tissue is a non-woven, wet-formed, comprised of randomly oriented filaments bonded together with emulsion binder.

The fiberglass filaments of this fiberglass mat is ECR fiberglass filaments, the diameter of filaments is 10um, 13um, 16um (depend on the According to customer needs), the binder of the fiberglass mat is PVA, Styrene acrylic, Acrylic emulsion (depend on the According to customer needs).

This fiberglass mat or fiberglass veil is mainly used as a basis of different coating , such as bitum coating ,acrylic coating facer/sheathing, cement coating facer/sheathing etc.

This fiberglass mat can be customized according to customer‘s special needs e.g.: high tensile strength, Good hydrophilia, flame retardant (ASTM Standard E84), VOC (Halogen and Formaldehyde free) etc. For more information please find following specification or contact us.


Good surface quality.

Max roll diameter to fit the coating industries.

Good tensile strength and flexibility to avoid breakage.

Good hydrophilia/ good compatibility with coating materials.

ECR fiberglass filament gives the final product good acid resistance.

55g.jpgFiberglass surface tissue 50/55/60g

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